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Posing in front of the former Veal Village School.


Please consider making a donation. Aside from financial donations, if you are in Siem Reap, donations of workbooks, pencils, pens, rice or other appropriate gifts are also appreciated.


Please use on of the accounts below.

// BE43 1030 3327 4001
Account Number IBAN BIC
103-0332740-01 (SOID vzw) BE43 1030 3327 4001NICABEBB
4994195 (Stichting SOID Nederland) NL79INGB0004994195 INGBNL2A
982881 (ANZ Royal Bank Phnom Penh ) Beneficiary: SOID Organization ANZBKHPP

Online donations by PayPal


Please send your questions, feedback / comments to Mr. Sok Vanna