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New Veal Village School under construction.


About SOID

Our school project gives children a chance to get out of a black hole of poverty. Cambodia has rich people and many poor people and those not helped by the tourist boom will stay poor for generations to come.

You may have heard of Angkor Wat, a world heritage site which draws over 1 million visitors a year... well our school is 5 kilometers from this spectacle. Siem Reap, our town, has become full of 5 star and boutique hotels where a room can cost 2000 dollars a night.

In the nearby village of Veal, where our school is situated, the average wage of the main earner is 1-2 dollars a day. In other words, the money spent at the top does not reach the uneducated at the bottom.

The recovery of Cambodia has accelerated since the Khmer Rouge, Vietnamese occupation and UN administration, in the last 6 years Siem Reap has had a tourist explosion. An estimated ninety percent of jobs are related to tourism and a large number of the jobs need some English. The better jobs rely on fluent English.

Unfortunately Cambodia is a country of great corruption (the 166th worst in the world according to Transparency International). It is so corrupt that many poor children from Veal village cannot afford to go to government-run school!

Why? Because the government teachers get a pittance of 40 dollars a month. These teachers therefore demand money from each child before teaching them, so many poor parents keep their kids at home. Their future is bleak.

So we set up a completely free school in 2006 to teach over 140 children from Veal. For some it is the only school they will ever attend. We mainly teach English, employing six full-time Cambodian teachers to work alongside English-speaking volunteers.

Volunteering is free too (something you will appreciate when you talk to volunteers at other projects in Siem Reap who are paying over 2000 dollars for three months!).

By teaching English to the children we hope they will get better jobs than their parents, or at least increase their chances of a decent living.


We focus on the gradual reduction of poverty in Cambodia by offering education training to poor children so that they will have a good future and be able contribute in the rebuilding of Cambodia.

General Objective

To save the poor children in Cambodia, regardless of their color and race and let the student and poor people have hope!


  • To improve the future of poor children
  • To provide educational training
  • To let poor children have the same opportunities to study as others.

Mission objective

Research poorest children, to look for the poor and homeless in Cambodia so they can obtain educational training (International language and skills). To save the orphans and Indigent people of Cambodia by offering the food, Medicine and money that is urgently need and to be obedient to the biblical command of caring for poor children and Indigent people in a responsible and generous manner

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”

Diogenes Laertius