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Girls on a swing.

Newsletter september 2010.

Posted: 14 december 2010

Visit 2010 Loonbeek. Belgium In the previous report we already mentioned that the school was renovated. This renovation is now completely finished. You find some pictures on this page so you can see what happened.

The walls are re-decorated with bamboo, this was the only option because of the price and the fact that the school is standing on rented land, so investments in the school building must be made carefully. On the other side we can’t allow that the building is becoming a ruin. The roofs are also being renewed and the class of the little ones got a thin roof. For the protection of the school the entry gate is re enforced and on wheels now, the fences are renewed. The playground and the building is covered by a “sun shied”, we hope that this will reduce the heat in the building. The main building is enlarged; this gives space for a new classroom. Hopefully we can use this space for the “sewing class”. In the meantime it’s used for computer classes, this is possible because Rick Wakeman donated 4 laptops to the school, he even bought a desktop for the orphanage. The computer classes are given by Mr. Mon, these lessons are organized in the school and in the orphanage. The computer lesson are from 7 am until 8 am , 1 am to 2 am and during the playtime, so in total 3 hours. Mr. Mon is not yet on the salary list of SOID, but this will happen in the near future.

This renovation was only possible because we got a major donation from the Netherlands, it will also be used for daily expenses.

In the meantime the school has setup a small library. The already had some books donated by visiting tourists and we also bought some books in Khmer and Khmer/English. The kids of the second and third grade can borrow a book and take it home. We hope that this will be useful for the children. We are very pleased with this initiative but we made it clear to Mr. Vanna that he had to follow up the books, because when the books are not returned the library will be empty on a given day.

Jaak - Martine