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Girls on a swing.

Newsletter november 2010.

Posted: 14 december 2010 Loonbeek. Belgium Last month SOID was visited by Marc and Annemarie. They took lots of stuff for the children: clothes, toys and a present for Rachna (from the foster parents of Rachna) and the other girls in the orphanage. Marc and Annemarie where very pleased with the SOID project and they are already talking about going back to Siem Reap. They are surprised how happy and thankful the children are. “You can feel and sense that these children missed love and attention in there short live”. And that is true, they compensate this with lots of hugging when people visit the orphanage, even when they are sweating like a horse…

Cambodia was in the news last month for the accident that took place in Phnom Pengh, the capital of Cambodia. There were many victims on a bridge during the festivities of the Water Festival. The water festival marks the end of the rainy season in Cambodia. Lukely in Siem Reap everything went fine during the festivities.

This month we got some more information about the project from Mr.Vanna. He told us that the school has children from 109 families, in total 130 children. The youngest pupil is 5 years old, the eldest is 16 years old. Most of the students are in the first grade, the third grade has the lowest population. 12 students (the oldest) + 4 orphans are attending the computer class. This year 4 sudents left the school because there family moved to another place. But this is compensated by 4 new students. Before these children were allowed to the school Mr.Vanna first visited the families to be sure that these people are needy and poor.

Wim and Gertie are going to Siem Reap in january, they will decide on what the extra money will be spend. One of the main targets is to set up a sewing class, with sewing machines, because we think that it is important that the children learn some practical skills also. Another topic they will investigate what the “Scouts” from Leuven can do to help the project. That scouts group would like to do some volunteer work at SOID. In march new rice should be purchased to sustain the project, that’s again lot of money to be spend.

Ok, that was it for this month. We wish you all a nice new year !!!

Jaak en Martine Debois-De Keyser, Belgium

Rachna with present from fosterparents