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Young people today.

Posted: 2 januari 2011

meisje met de wereld Loonbeek. Belgium Nowadays youth, you can't count om them. They only think of themselves, are very materialistic and don't do anything for someone else without being paied. That's how much elder people think of nowedays young people. I'm very happy, to tell and proove to you that this is not true at all !!

To earn some money for Soid, I reguraly sell things on fleemarkets. I don't only sell secondhand books and other stuff, I also sell handicrafts from Cambodia. On these markets, you find people who just want to buy something for as little money as they can, you also meet people who are interested in the project that we support. And this is how we met Isabelle, one of the headleaders of the scoutingclub of Heverlee : “Saint-Jean”

The club counts about 140 members. Officially, it is a Frenchspeaking club. We didn't have any clue that Leuven had a Franchspeaking club.

We invited a delegation of these scouts to our presentation of the 23th of Oktober 2010 in Huldenberg. Their enthousiasm increased by seeing the pictures and the film. After this event, we have been invited to their “clubhouse” in Heverlee, to show the same thing as we did in Huldenberg. We were delighted ! A lot of children , joined by their leaders and some parents watched our presentation. They obviously wanted to do something for Soid. For a start, some moneyboxes (in the shape of a pig) have been put here and there in the clubhouse. These are for the little coins. On some Sundayafternoon,the youngest of the club made some jewelry to sell on the Christmasmarket. Some of them even came to join me on this market in Huldenberg and sold a lot of their selfmade things

But that's not all. In the near futur they will organize some kind of a “restaurant”. They will make spaghetti to do some fundraising for the club. They decided to give a part of the profit to Soid. And last but not least, the eldest of the group, the 'jin', want to go to Siem Reap to volunteer at Soid. They hope to find enough money to be able to go to Cambodia. They want to make themselves usefull for the project. They could teach English in the school, clean and make the school more beautiful, repair houses in the village,...

Untill now, the “Saint-Jean”-scouts made themselves usefull for many other projects. Not only for projects abroad, but also for handicapped people living in a home in Huldenberg. It is the first time that everybody from this club – from the 6 year olds to the leaders of it – are involved to it. And that makes this engagement extra beautiful.

After meeting these young enthousiast people, who are this socially active and people-minded, we were really impressed. Nowedays youth ??? They definitely have a lot to offer to the world !

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