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Donation primary school.

Posted: 27 april 2011

Sittard, Netherlands In March 2011, Wim and Gertie Dohmen of the SOID Board were invited to make a presentation on SOID in “De Zonnehof”, the primary school in the small town of Leveroy in the south of The Netherlands. Every year in the weeks before Easter the school conducts a fundraising for a charity. This time, they decided to donate the proceeds of their annual fundraising activities to SOID.

On 21 April 2011, we have been invited back at the school to hear about the result of these fundraising activities. We were informed that the children by carrying out a whole range of activities have raised a total of EUR 1257 (about USD 1800). This is the biggest amount they have ever collected!

Needless to say that we are very grateful, impressed and happy about this result. Thank you very much, children and teachers!

The money will be spent on an additional laptop and an additional sewing machine for the school of SOID. The money that is left after these have been bought will be used for covering the operating cost of the school and the orphanage.

Wim and Gertie

Kinderen van de basisschool

Children from primary school

Het opgehaalde bedrag

The donation !!!