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Cooking for SOID.

Posted: 30 september 2011

Sittard. Holland

In 2010, Marlene and Peter Indemans, who are good friends of ours, have raised money for SOID by organising charity dinners in their house. This turned out to be very successful and so in the summer of 2011 they have repeated this action. They have organised eleven dinners for which they have done all the cooking themselves. Many friends and relatives have attended the dinners and all of them have enjoyed it.

"The Friends of Wine", a local non-profit organisation of which Mr. Miel Smeysters is the chairman, has donated the wine for the dinners free of charge. This enabled Marlene and Peter to achieve lower costs and a higher profit.

Marlene and Peter have made a net profit of Euro 2000 (about USD 2650, depending on the exchange rate) and they donate all of this to SOID.

We ourselves are very much impressed by the great and successful effort that Marlene and Peter have made. We are also very pleased with the support by Mr. Miel Smeysters.

Wim and Gertie Dohmen


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