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Girls on a swing.

This is the staff of SOID

Posted: 18 february 2015

Sittard. Netherlands On this page we want to introduce the staff of SOID. Right now there are 6 teacher in the Veal Village School.

rachna Mr. Vanna (1975) is a Cambodian. In 2006 he decided to do something for the poorest people around Siem Reap. Like almost every male Combodian he was a monk for a little time. During this period he had a very good teacher. This monk said that you only can be really happy when you do something for other people. And Mr. Vanna decided not to become a business man but to take care about the children in Veal Village. He learned that this village was one of the poorest around Siem Reap. So he started SOID. He and his wife have 3 sons
rachna Borey.
thea thay Lika
po Chhandou
piseth Piseth
sreysros Si Yean
sreysros Computer teacher