The total operating costs of SOID are about Euro 4,200 per month. All this money comes from donations, fundraising campaigns and project grants from aid organizations.

You immediately understand that your donations are very welcome. We are very grateful for your financial support. Both for the daily operation of our school and for some specific projects. You can receive a tax certificate for your donation in Belgium. Donations to SOID Netherlands are tax- deductible under the applicable conditions.

Transactions can be made by depositing money to :

SOID Belgium :
IBAN : BE43 1030 3327 4001
SOID received a recognition in 2017 to issue tax certificates. Anyone who pays a contribution of € 40 or more on a yearly basis to SOID, will receive a tax certificate for donations from the previous calendar year at the beginning of the next year. With this tax certificate you can receive 45% of your donations with your tax return.
SOID Netherlands :
IBAN : NL79INGB0004994195
SOID Netherlands is an ANBI foundation and can generate tax benefits in the Netherlands.
Online donaties through PayPal

What can you support?

Financial adoption of a child :
The costs incurred for a child at our school include the salary of the teachers, the rent of the land on which the school is located, school materials, and also the food package that is provided to the families. The total amounts to 20 euros per month per child. For this amount you ensure that one child can go to school.
Education Fund :

SOID does not offer secondary education itself, but started in 2013 with an Education Fund to enable talented children to continue their studies at the state school. Every student needs a rucksack and a school uniform and has to pay their teachers tuition fees. In theory, state education in Cambodia is free, but because teachers earn little money, they also ask for an amount from their pupils. For each child, the total costs that SOID pays is 40 - 60 euros / per month, depending on the type of school (Secondary School or High School).

More information about the training fund can be found here

Dental care :
A toothbrush and toothpaste are luxury items that these children do not have at home. Every child therefore has their own toothbrush at school. Before the lessons start we brush our teeth together. Still, the teeth of many children at our school require extra care because it has often been neglected for years.
Purchase of rics :
The children receive a portion of rice to take home per month when they regularly come to school. Because of this extra rice, the children do not have to work or contribute to the family. For 60 euros, one family receives a portion of rice each month for a year.
In general :
Also the normal everyday costs have to be paid, it includes teachers and director’s salaries, rent of the land, fruit on Friday and so much more…
Medical care :
Sometimes children or family members of our children need urgent medical care. The people of the Veal Village can also call on SOID for this.